beginning of the end.

September 14, 2017

Thursday: after feeding each of our Monarch butterflies several drips of nectar in preparation, we stepped outside and placed them gently onto the tips of our noses, each butterfly clinging on with their dainty little legs so nervously afraid of the journey facing them. Within seconds, the butterflies each took their own leap of faith, flying high into the blue September skies. That was it. Their first flutters in their journey of a thousand miles.

An average day in the Kindergarten classroom yet such a relatable and
symbolic day in our lives.

After watching the Kindergarteners left in awe as their butterflies fluttered towards their new lives, embracing their new journeys, I left school that day with a refreshed understanding of life. Everything on the planet grows and all life embraces change, some more beautifully than others.

I unlocked the gate and checked the mail. An envelope. My stomach churned and my heart stopped. I never get mail. I glanced over to the logo on the envelope, USCIS.

Anxiety kicked in and panic struck.

I️ had received my change of address. I had received my Employment Authorization Card. I was waiting for the next thing. The next part of the process. The green card. Was this really it?


I ripped open the envelope, Joey immediately eyeing up the fallen pieces and read the words ‘Approved’.

My whole body went numb and I burst into uncontrollable tears.

Honestly my mind was a whirlwind of thoughts. After almost 300 days of being ‘trapped’ in my new country, unable to visit family otherwise putting the whole VISA process and the continuation of our married life, in jeopardy, I was free.

Free to go home. Free to hug my Mum; my soul sister, my best friend.

Whilst digesting my initial thoughts I realized, just like those Monarch Butterflies, we had metaphorically reached ‘Mexico’; the beginning of the end of our long haul journey.

We were no longer waiting for a confirmation of a life together.

We had the Green Card, Permanent Residence. Philadelphia was no longer a vacation spot, a gap year from life or an adventure but rather now, my second home. Adventures could commence and life together could begin.

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