our story.

March, 2012
Arrived in Sydney.  Slept off the Bangkok jet lag coma. Made some girl friends. Off to say hi to Apartment Block 3. Walked part Apartment Block 2. Dodged water bombs.  Two American idiots laughing like hyenas. Soaked.
“You going to the Ranch tonight?” “Yes”
 Met the love of my life.


April, 2012
One month in, having the time of my life. Juggling Uni with Tequila. Juggling studying with the beach. Making bad choices and having a blast.  Annoying American actually became really funny . We hung out (just as friends).
Note to self; American dude is a flirt. Stay back. 


May, 2012
To summarise: fancy dress, more tequila, less study, planned Spring Break, beach, drove the East Coast, slept in hostels, saw snakes, hung out with dingos, saw a koala, missed American dude,  hung out with American dude every day, laughed a lot, sang songs, made memories.
Tried so hard not to fall in love. 

June, 2012
Too late.  Told American dude I loved him. Became infatuated with life and love. Drank more tequila and laughed with the girls. Jumped out of a plane: terrifying. Realised my love for Australia. Was happy as can be.
Became anxious about leaving. 

July, 2012
Flights came. The girls left. Made Mum and Dad delay my flight twice. Virgin Atlantic could not delay my flight anymore. Received a love letter from American dude. Cried. American dude left. Cried for days. Flew home. Still crying.
Sat next to a couple on the plane home who kissed the whole way.

August, 2012
FaceTimed American dude every hour, every day.  Booked my flights. Followed my heart.  Travelled solo to America and reunited with American dude.  Laughed a lot.  Saw Springsteen! Went on a road trip. Saw the East Coast. Stayed in a honeymoon suite. Saw Minnie and Mickey. Saw palm trees. Made memories. Three weeks flew by. Cried. Got on the plane. Cried. Continued crying.
Counted down 96 days, FaceTimed every day and held my head up high.  

December, 2012
American dude arrived. Went to London. Went to Paris. Got food poisoning, didn’t go to Venice. Went to Rome. Made a wish at the Trevi Fountains.  Ate too much Turkey. Laughed with my family. Three weeks flew by. Cried. American dude got on the plane. Cried. Continued crying.
Counted down 150 days, FaceTimed every day and held my head up high. 


May, 2013
Finished my Degree. Got on the plane immediately. Watched the Phillies. Went to Vegas. Spent almost every moment on the beach. Loved life. Missed my friends. American dude went to work. Got a little homesick. Three months passed. Cried. Said our goodbyes. Cried. Got on the plane. Cried. Accepted defeat.
Embraced heartbreak and cried for months. Tried to cut ties and tried to move on. 


December, 2013 – December, 2015
Still in love with American dude. Texted every day. Wished life was easier. Finished my Post Grad and started teaching.  Tried to find an English man. Couldn’t.
Learnt not to live in denial and to accept that things may be a challenge so followed my heart and booked a flight. 

February, 2015
Got on the plane. Went to New York City. Met American dude and continued right where we left off. Felt complete. Cried. Got on a plane. Cried even more.
Learnt that life was not as free as it was before, struggled to find time in schedules to rendezvous and after many months of trying, accepted defeat once again.



August, 2015
American dude flew to England. Fought off American dude. Became brave. Broke down barrier.  Fell in love all over again.
American dude flew home and left me with an ultimatum  either all or nothing. Time to commit once and for all or time to say goodbye forever. 

September, 2015
American dude flew to England. Decision made. ALL (obviously).
Embraced change and began counting down the days: 55, best yet.

October, 2015

Got on the plane and flew to Philly. Ran the steps. Hugged Rocky. Skated in the snow. Saw the Flyers. Asked American dude to be my Boyfriend. Got food poisoning (again). A week flew by. Cried in the car. Cried in the airport. Got on the plane. Cried even more. Continued crying.
Kiddies came back to school, began counting down the days (62) and loneliness continued.

December, 2015
Spent Christmas in Philly. Happiest girl in the world. Saw Santa. Gave gifts. Laughed a lot. Missed my family on Christmas day. Cried a lot. Drank wine. Played silly games. Made memories. Saw the Eagles. Cried. Almost didn’t get on the plane. Got on the plane. Cried some more. Still crying.
Back to school to teach the kiddies and began counting down again; 64 days.

February, 2016
Back to Philly. Drank wine. Laughed. Made a lot more memories. Got a valentines card. The week flew by. Wouldn’t let go. Made a scene at the airport. Didn’t get upgraded. Cried. Got on the plane. Cried a lot more.
Went back to work, missed boyfriend and continued obsession with FaceTime. 

March, 2016
Got on the plane. Decided to move to Philly. Looked at apartments to share. Found cute house. Felt like a princess. Week flew by. Cried again. Cried all the way home.
Never felt more eager to move to a new place and was more than ready to spend every moment of my life with American dude.  

April, 2016
Applied for Tourist VISA. Went to interview at Ldn Embassy. Got told I had already over used my ESTA. Lady stamped DENIED. Ultimatum: marry or no entry to USA. Shit. Had a break down. Stayed in bed for days. Cried for weeks.
Just when everything was going so well then struck by a brick wall but we were more than ready to conquer the shit out of it. 

May, 2016
Boyfriend came to visit. Asked to marry me. Beautiful ring. Happiest day of our lives. 
3 days flew by. Cried. Looked at my ring. Smiled.
Made a promise to continue fighting the battle of distance together with a wedding to celebrate our journey in the end.

June, 2016
Applied for K1 fiance VISA. Continued to FaceTime. Send mail. Text.
Accepted that I was going to be a 90 day fiance and couldn’t have been happier. 

August, 2016
Fiance came to visit. Walked Huskies. Saw the beautiful West Coast. Long walks. Seaside hikes. Ice creams. Wine. Countryside. Romance. Stayed in a Shepards’ Hut. Became 25. Woke up to sun rise. Saw cows. Felt complete. Cried. Fiance left. Cried more and more.
Began revising VISA process and became petrified after looking at how long it may take. Became lonely. FaceTimed, text and sent as much mail as possible. Began counting down the days: 89 and again realised how much long distance sucks. (September) Went for my interview at the Embassy and wished fiance was with me for the scariest day of my life.

November, 2016
Collected fiance from Heathrow. Celebrated Mum’s birthday. Drank wine. Ate food. Hung out for the long weekend. Cried. Took fiance back to Heathrow. Cried more.
Collected a package from a post office in London and was more than surprised to find the VISA!!! Booked my flights immediately and wrote my letter of resignation. 


December, 2016
Packed up my life. Collected fiance from airport. Had a leaving party.  Took fiance to airport. Said ‘see you tomorrow!’ Said goodbye to my friends. Cried. Said goodbye to my family. Cried hysterically. Drank wine to numb the pain. Cried some more. Got on the plane. Landed in my new home.
Hugged fiance for about 50 hours and celebrated the closure after all this time. 

February, 2017
Got married to the love of my life.
As easy as that.









2 thoughts on “our story.

  1. I have just finished reading this blog and it has brought me to tears, I’m not sure why as I have lived every moment on the sidelines of this journey providing both love, support and advice. Such a happy ending – or better a new beginning !

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