Pending: The seven letter, looming word of misery that surfaces on your screen as you embrace yet another compulsion to check your ‘Status Update’.

FYI, the Adjustment of Status period is long. Just like before, you are kept in the dark. When people ask: When will you receive your Green Card? You will have no answer, no information and will respond rather pathetically with, “I have no idea”.

However homesick you feel whilst you are ‘grounded’, do not let the seven letter word of gloom define you. Continue with all the things you need to do in order to make your new country, your home.

After driving in England for almost ten years, adapting to life without travel independence was hard. Driving is my thing. I love having the windows open and simply, playing my music at an obtrusively loud level whilst singing my heart out to Florence.

Despite feeling sour towards having to re-take my test when I can quite clearly drive, I booked in my road driving test and awaited the date.

Luckily, if you are over 25 and have a foreign driving license, you are not required to undertake any specific amount of instructed hours prior to your test (in Pennsylvania).  Tim therefore endured being the passenger as I learnt how to emergency break after missing many ‘unsightly’ stop signs and held on tightly as we drove face to face towards oncoming traffic; adapting to the right-hand side was not my forte and neither was parallel parking on the wrong side.

As the test date came, Timmy and I pulled into the PENNDOT test centre parking lot.

As this is my only experience of a driving test in America, I am unable to compare to other cities/states however the whole process seemed extremely bizarre in comparison to the rigorous testing in England.

1  You take your own car to the test which is mostly likely an automatic.

2  The test location is a parking lot. 

3  You wait in line for your test as you would at McDonalds drive through.

4  After several laps around the parking lot and one parallel park (to which you used your in-car reversing camera), you have finished your test.

Honestly, it was a blessing to hear the instructor tell me I had passed. Not only did this mean that I could now sing aloud to Florence as I drive through Centre City during my morning commutes to New Jersey,  but I now have an American, state of  Pennsylvania Drivers License, a fresher sense of belonging to my State and even better, my independence.

Stay focussed and remember, it is not you that is ‘pending‘.


Life is a journey to be experienced, not a journey to be solved.





One thought on “Pending

  1. Just what I needed to read today! Thank you. I came over on my K1 on 20th August, we’re married and I am waiting for my change of status and authorization for employment so we can teach again! Going stir crazy but reading your journey is a big comfort and makes me smile!

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