Welcome to the honeymoon period. You and hubs are happier than you could ever imagine and blissfully unaware of life happening around you. You are newly weds. Embrace it. Drink champagne and enjoy neglecting all of your worries.

But, when you finally awake from your lustful comer please remember, you no longer have a VISA. You are no longer a fiancé.  Your K1 fiancé VISA is no longer applicable to your status. During the whole past year, you never really thought about what would happen at this point. You were focused solely on being with your love and no one has prepared you for this stage.

Surely, after everything you have been through, you would have some sort of rights to be living in the USA?

You are married to an American and have gone above and beyond what any other couple has to do in order to be together. You have displayed your relationship to the world in order to see a tick in the yes box, to be approved, to be given the Golden ticket to life with your soul mate. You have, over time and time again, proved your love for him…

My answer: No. Everything you have done so far is no where near enough.

I am bitter as I type this blog. You will be bitter at this point too.

So the next stage of the process is to complete your Adjustment Of Status | I485 application form complete with your cheque of $1140.00 along with your Application For Employment Authorization | I765 application form and your $410.00. 

Sadly, it does not end there. You will need to take a Biometrics Screening Exam for $85.00 to give away your fingerprints.

How you are required to suddenly source this amount of money without yet being entitled to employment and giving your savings towards your K1 fiancé VISA is beyond me.  Yet, you will find it. You have to, or it was all for nothing.

Remember that sad period during the K1 fiancé VISA process where you developed OCD towards the USCIS website? Welcome back.

You will now have two different Receipt Numbers as you now have two pending cases: Adjustment of Status and Application for Employment Authorisation, however you cannot check your case status until you have received your letter from USCIS confirming your completed application.

Again, you will reenter the depths of the USCIS filling cabinet whilst you are quite literally grounded in the USA.

By grounded, I mean you cannot leave the United States of America during the Adjustment of Status period unless you complete the permit form and pay $750 for a Re-Entry Permit.

If you leave the USA from the day you get married to the day you receive your Green Card, without a re-entry Permit, the whole K1 fiancé VISA will be terminated and your entry to USA will be denied.

So, whatever you do, do not sit back and enjoy the wait. Do not become miserable that you are now grounded in the USA, unable to take a trip home to hug your family and friends. Do not let this deterrent affect your happiness. Regroup. Stay positive.

I found myself a little bundle of joy to help overcome the homesickness and a bonus, a new member of our family. Meet Joey!


‘Some things just fill your heart without trying.’






3 thoughts on “grounded

  1. I was able to submit my employment authorization with my adjustment of status at no extra cost. The T&C’s on the Adjustment of Status paperwork state that as long as you submit the I-765 with the I-485 you will only have to pay for the Adjustment of Status. Same with the Advanced Parole I-131. This document allows re-entry into the United States with the AOS is pending. And is also free as long as you apply at the same time as your AOS & EAD.

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