“i will”


As you arise from your dreams, open your eyes and glance towards the garment bag hanging from the closet door, your heart will begin to race.

This is the day.

The day that you eliminate the distance; till death do you part.

In this blog post, my intentions are to provide you with an insight to our 90 day fiancé wedding day whilst portraying something so incredibly monumentus. Try to avoid becoming fixated on making the day ‘special’. Naturally, it will be.  You have dreamt of this moment and survived the journey for so long, clinging on so tightly during those endless bumpy roads. You deserve simplicity after such a complicated long haul that any centre piece or dessert is ultimately nothing but a trivial gesture.  Try to remember; the presence of the immeasurable love is everything that you need, nothing else really matters.

Breaking the Ice
We began our special day by hosting a Champagne Brunch with our families who, despite several FaceTime chats over the years, had never met.  There were bagels, fruit skewers, quiches and cupcakes. What better way to kill the nerves and break the ice than with alcohol and food?  After several toasts to the newly weds to be and a fair few champagne bottles down, our families were mingling and conversation was flowing.  The day had just begun and already, it was beginning to exceed our expectations.

Mummy & Daughter
You will want some time with your Mother during the day, especially after being apart for so long.  As my family had flown in from England, we were lucky to have a hotel room where we could enjoy some girl time together.  Having this time apart from my husband-to-be created some aspect of suspense; a feature from a traditional wedding that I was adamant to some-what replace. Our photographer met us in our hotel room and took some Mummy/Daughter photos.  You will treasure these photos for life.  I still can’t comprehend how incredible it was to be able to share the day with my family in my new home, Philadelphia.

Once you leave the hotel and wait for your taxi you will feel nervous, nauseous and will want nothing more than to be with your man. Hold tight. As arranged, the rest of the party arrived at 2.30, enough time to briefly mingle some more before heading to the Court Room at our designated time.  Officially, you are only allowed eight guests with you in the Court Room.  Ignore this.  We brought the whole gang, fifteen of us including the photographer, filling the entire Jury Stand. Roles reciprocated; the Court Room judging us.  Whilst waiting to be transferred from the Court Room to the Ceremonial Room you will sit awkwardly and silently, amongst an amidst of other couples and their ‘gangs’  also waiting to wed their beloved. It is a surreal moment.  Take it light heartedly.

Court Room
Honestly, we were all expecting something so incredibly far from the intimacy and pure beauty that the ceremony presented.  I honestly don’t remember much of what was said during our vows.  Timmy and I locked eyes from the moment we stepped into the room and rarely glanced elsewhere.  You will tremble and you will stutter. Squeeze his hand. He will squeeze yours back.

Wedding Breakfast
After a brisk and bubbly champagne happy hour, we headed to our Wedding Breakfast venue.  At this point, your cheek bones will be pulsating due to overuse from smiling. Embrace it. Down the champagne. Life is happening.  You will watch from the head of the table as your families embrace in hugs, kisses and laughter; a room just teeming with joy.  A shared dream, unfolding right infront of your eyes.

How did we get so lucky?

.All those tedious forms, piles of evidence, late night FaceTimes, months in the depths of a drawer and thousands of hard earned pounds, were worth it.

You fought. You persisted. You conquered.

From this day forward, you will never walk alone.

N_T_FINAL (83 of 114).jpg

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