black sheep

You are now several weeks or maybe even days away from your 90 day fiancé wedding at the City Hall.

If you are anything like me, this is not how we envisage our wedding day.

In my dreams I have always pictured walking down the aisle of an old English church located amongst the rolling green hills of the Kent countryside complimented by brightly petalled flowers and large, leafy oak trees hanging over my beautiful wide eyed and beaming loved ones, so blissfully watching as I say ‘I do’.

Timmy and I spent months pondering over our feelings towards our 90 day fiancé wedding.  We were extremely unsure how to approach the day.  The questions flooding into our brains were endless.

Should we tell anyone? Who do we invite? Is this even a wedding? When we look back 30 years later, will we disappointed by our casual city hall wedding day? What do I wear? Do I wear white? Do I have a bouquet? Do we exchange rings? Will saying ‘I will’ be enough?

My largest fear of all. Will I forever regret the absences of these special moments:

Watching as my Mother cries when I try on my first wedding gown.  Walking down the aisle of the church with my Father.  Saying ‘ I do’.  Sharing the special wedding traditions and memories with my bridesmaids.  Our first dance.  Sharing the day with my very old Granny.  Cutting our wedding cake…


I needed guidance.  I needed advice.  I needed to share ideas from someone who had been in my shoes.  As usual, there was no one.

You will find yourself scrolling through ridiculous hashtags in the hope that someone, just someone, on Instagram has experienced a 90 day fiancé wedding.  After hours of desperately stalking, I finally found myself liking an image of a girl wearing a knee length white dress, holding hands with a guy in a suit, hand in hand strolling the streets of London complete with the caption ‘our beautiful registry office wedding #wedding1’.


It clicked. 

We were not a traditional couple.  We were two people, from two countries, who  stumbled across something incredibly wonderful whilst searching for our own Australian adventures.  We were Timmy and Natalie: the definition of serendipity, of spontaneity, the courageous and strong black sheep.

After everything we had been through, we deserved it all.

We agreed on two weddings.

One: an intimate and quick wedding ceremony to signify the strength of our love to one another and our families, following some special wedding traditions whilst eternally closing the gap in our love story.

The second: to say our vows and share our love with the eyes of God, our families and all of our loved ones during a stunningly romantic and traditional English wedding.

As you inform your family, your friends and your acquaintances of your decisions, people will judge; why two weddings?

Let them wonder. Let them judge.

I have come to learn that one of life’s greatest challenges is to be yourself in a world that is trying to make you like everyone else. 

Why follow an already walked path?

Go instead where there is no path and lead your own journey of a thousand miles. 





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