time heals

You are now free.

That golden ticket is in your hands and you have full entitlement to step foot into the United States of America.  You, and your application, followed the challenging demands of the journey of a thousand miles and it led you to everything that you have ever wished for and more.

However, despite your indescribable feelings of exhilaration and pure happiness towards the life that this ticket is about to give you, beware; hidden beneath the rays of that shining light from the sparkling ticket in your hands, are yet more emotionally testing times ahead.

You will quit your job.  Leave your work colleagues.  Say goodbye to your thirty little kiddies who you have grown to adore and cherish.  You will pause your career.  Say your goodbyes to friends and family.  You will sell your car.  Pack up as many clothes and shoes as you can and squeeze them into your limited baggage. You will eat your last beans on toast.  Drink your last English tea with your last rich tea biscuit. You will visit Boots one last time to re stock your Soap and Glory products and you will eat one last Sunday Roast with the people you love the most.

Ultimately, you will leave a hell of a lot behind as you commence on your journey to be with the love of your life. You will be sad.  You will endure more heartbreak as you try to convince your loved ones that you will return and that you will be reunited with them some day.

As you gently hug your 94 year old Granny who barely understands why you are moving to the other end of the Earth, trying to hold back the tears wondering how you will continue to show your love and affection towards her from a different continent, you will feel heartbreak.

Some may demonstrate resentment towards you for making such an ambiguous life choice.  Some may think you are selfish for leaving your life, your family, your friends; everyone who has shaped you to be the person you are today.  Some may just be purely angry that you are leaving their side and others, heartbroken too.  Some may just smile and wave goodbye!

Give them time.  Only you will understand how they feel.  After all, you have been through these emotions countless times when saying goodbye to your soul mate.  You demonstrated these emotions through love.  They are demonstrating their emotions through love.  In time, they will understand the choices that you have made and they will support you through them.

My advice to you: you no longer have to deal with the ‘unknown’ and this situation is therefore slightly easier than the goodbyes you know all too well.  You will see your family and friends again soon as you now have options! You have the right to entry in both England and USA.  You can visit.  They can visit. FaceTime. Messages. Emails.

Stick through it.  Stay focused.  Hold tight.  There will be moments when you think; Jesus, What am I doing?  Why am I leaving my life?  Why am I leaving my family, my friends, my world; everything that I have created?

You only get one life, one soul mate, one chance.

And in one’s heart of hearts, you just know that this path is the right one for you.

If not now, then when?



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