tears of relief

It’s here. The day that you have been yearning for, for so long.  The day that literally determines your future.  The day that closes the gap for you and your love.  The day that gives you life.

As you sit nervously on your grubby National Rail seat, shakily making your way to the US Embassy, London, palms sweating and anxiety levels rising, please remember; there is no such thing as failure now.  You have come too far to be turned away.

Upon reaching the Embassy you will likely see a line of hopeful VISA candidates and you will find yourself glancing up and down the line, until realisation strikes again.  Hundreds of people are visiting the US Embassy daily, in hope of obtaining their VISA.  Nerves kick in and you begin to rescan the line with the more predominant thought; How many people are here for their K1 VISA? Will they have ‘enough’?!

However, if you arrive ahead of time as I did for my second Embassy visit, you will find yourself at the front of the line and into the Embassy ahead of the crowd.  I couldn’t recommend this more. Arrive one hour early and the whole process once inside, is so much smoother.

As you make your way through security and up the stairs to the waiting room, you will see others waiting anxiously and you will feel nervous energy floating around the room. After all, you are most likely not the only one in your shoes.

Your number will be called and the employee at the desk will bluntly ask for the required paperwork.  Make sure you have the required documents only, complied neatly and ready.  No one appreciates that person who is scrambling around holding up the already painfully long line.  The employee will copy your documents, take your fingerprints and send you off with a new number which will eventually be displayed on the screen. Once your number appears, you will make you way to the corresponding desk.  This is the moment.

I was met by a female employee at the counter.  I handed over my paperwork and stood in a daze.  I was asked several questions about why I was emigrating and what my plans were upon entering the US; nothing that I didn’t already know the answer to. I was then asked to hold up my hand and swear oath to the United States of America providing a promise to marry my US partner within 90 days of arriving into the country. The employee and I shared a heartfelt gaze followed by the words: ‘congratulations, you have been granted your K1 VISA’.

Honestly hearing those words felt incredible.  So incredible that tears were flowing forcefully down my cheeks.  She said to me: ‘I was once in your position, the day when you get married will be the best day of your life’.

To date; she wasn’t wrong.

I left the building paperless (your visa will be posted) and dehydrated from tears, yet still trembling and unsure of what to do or where to go.  I walked for a few moments and then rang Timmy.

We shared several minutes of silence followed by more tears. Tears of relief.  Tears of happiness. Tears of every emotion possible.  We were free.  Free to love each other.  Free to continue our adventures together.  The world was now, in our favour and life was about to happen. The journey, the wait, the agonising pain, the anticipation and the unknown had all been worth it.

If you are sat there pondering about chances that you never took or are yet to take that will change your life for the better, take the ride.  If not, you’ll never know how to respond when asked; What is the difference between living and existing?







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