almost ‘home’

So as the next stage of the process commences prepare to dig deep into your almost empty purse to find that £250 to pay for the medical examination; a requirement prior to your interview.  To an outsider, this £250 may not seem that much.  But remember, you are totalling way over £1500 to date, whilst trying to save every penny in order to live a financially stable yet enjoyable unemployed life upon reaching your final destination; the continent, country and state that you can both call; home.

However, as stated in my ‘vagina’ blog post, that moment has now come when you will strip down to your birthday suit and awkwardly undergo many embarrassing moments. You will feel like you have shared more of your body with the doctors than you have with your long distance partner in the last several moments of loneliness, and this will likely piss you both off.  But…you are smart.  You have researched the medical examination online.  You have come across my blog posts and this whole procedure will therefore not be such a large shock to you as you will know what to expect.  If not, you will like I, head to your medical examination, blind sighted and naive, expecting a few injections within the hour and be sent off to enjoy your day in the city.  Good luck.

Again, don’t be an idiot.  Double check the paper work.  Double check your current injections. Make sure you have it all.  Your US Embassy interview will most likely be scheduled for the following week/two weeks.  If you are turned away from the medical with incorrect paperwork or information, you will have to reschedule your interview at the embassy for a later date.  Metaphorically, you would be launching yourself wholeheartedly back into the so very well known, dark and lonely ‘drawer’ that you have been longing to see the light from, for so long.

During my medical I was required to have two injections; one booster and one fresh immunisation.  For what? I have no idea. Injection anxiety took control, followed by lack of consciousness.  The insignificant name of the immunisation never really stuck. Anyway my point here, each immunisation that you are required to have at your medical is of additional charge to the £250 base payment.  So there I was, dumb and in a hazy daze, digging yet again into the now, thin lining of my purse for yet more of my diminishing cash.  So, a little heads up; be prepared to pay out.

Four to five hours later, you will leave the medical feeling both physically and mentally deprived, exhausted and confused.  As you make your way back to the tube, please, remember to form somewhat of a smile.  You are now one step away from booking your plane ticket.  One step away!!!  You have done this.  You are stronger than you know.  This is fucking amazing, you almost have your K1 Visa and you are literally weeks away from being reunited with your soul mate.  The light is beginning to shine at it’s brightest peak and the distance between your bodies during your FaceTime calls is closing in.  You are almost on your way to calling your new city, your new state, your new country; home.

You just have one final step: the interview.  But you have made it this far.  Timmy and I found faith in believing that, between the amount of people that have reviewed and accepted our application, to the money that we had paid… there was no way that we could be faced with the ‘denied’ stamp anymore.

Finally, after months of worrying, sleepless nights filled with anxiety and terrors; you will find hope.  Sadness will fade and excitement will grow.

Upon a successful interview, you’ll have an incredible life-long answer to the question that most people would struggle to respond: What was the greatest journey of your life?



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