the drawer

After an agonising and exhausting few weeks of compiling all evidence of your relationship, scanning, printing and filling out forms, paying your fees, you’ve finally completed your I-129f package.  You painfully read through each section repeatedly to ensure that you entered all info accurately and you are feeling pretty content with your package.

You cautiously hand over your parcel to the dull-faced lady in the Post Office and watch in awe as she places it onto a counter top; your ever-so precious parcel is now alone, left in limbo on the side and ready to complete it’s own ‘journey of a thousand miles’ (quite literally).

The initial location of your parcel will be the USCIS in Dallas, where it will be  ‘processed’ and then forwarded to the ‘service centre’ (location ‘UKNOWN’). The processing period will take two-three weeks and during this time you and your partner will likely log in to your USCIS account on an average of 5-10 times daily, praying for some information of where your precious package is with a sharpie in hand, so very eager to erase yet another step on your schedule.

Unfortunately upon logging into your USCIS account, you will see no changes.  There will be no updates.  You cannot track your parcel.  You do not know how long your current step will take and there is no way of finding out.  Just like your parcel left on the side a few weeks ago, you are in limbo; sat there, just waiting for what feels like a lifetime.

But do not let your anxiety take control. Hold tight.  You will be sent a notification when your parcel has been… OPENED!

This will be a very exciting moment until a few days later when you realise that your paperwork is just sat in an office somewhere unknown having being ‘opened’.  However, this is the only part during the timeline that you are able to check ‘processing times’ for your parcel. You will be extremely confused as you visit the weblink and are greeted by a graph which states that processing times range from 6 to 10 months depending on the month which your parcel was opened and the current popularity of K1 Fiance VISA applications.

You then begin to wish that you never clicked on the link.  You have found out that your opened package is going to sit in a filing cabinet, in some office, waiting for five months before being viewed again and hopefully, approved.  You will feel angry.  You will swear.  You will question why your application has been left in the darkness of a drawer for so long.  And you will feel like you are in that drawer too.  Remember; be patient.  That quote that we all know to well ‘good things come to those who wait’.

And finally… your paperwork will be taken from the pit of the drawer, dusted off and assessed.  During one of those obsessive moments of logging into your USCIS account, you will notice that your application has been APPROVED!  You will stare into your macbook screen, unsure of what to do.  As you dust yourself off after the ‘wait’, you will feel a sense of relief, of happiness, of hope.  You will fist pump the air, jumping will be likely and shrieks and screams are almost a sure thing.

I do feel a sense of anger as I write this post.  Being left in limbo to wait for an unknown period of time was, for want of a better word, harrowing and just simply, lonely.  Tim and I were so ready to spend every day of our lives together but we felt our time was just being wasted, as we sat so deeply in that drawer.  We didn’t want to waste our days.  We didn’t want to spend Friday evenings alone whilst our friends went on Date Nights with their significant others. We wanted to be together, to spend every moment together, to be a ‘normal couple’ and TO BE APPROVED!  We found ourselves questioning if they were taking this application seriously. After all, days of our lives were passing and Timmy and I still weren’t any closer. Were we just a number on a piece of paper? Did they forget that we were humans? Did they understand that during those dark days left in the pit of the drawer, we were spending yet another day so sadly battling the distance?




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