You took the plunge. You both followed your hearts and you committed. Congratulations! There are very few people who will understand what you and your partner have gone through to get here; I am so proud of you.

You may not be ready. Others who you love, they might not believe that you are ready. You may not have had the suprising, spontaneous, fairy tale proposal that you imagined, nor the shared engagement party to introduce your family and friends and to celebrate with your loved ones. You may not have that super shiny, rock of a diamond that glistens at every shimmer of light that crosses its’ path. But you do have a raw, emotional and challenging story beneath your engagement ring which is a hell of a lot more significant and precious than the size and shininess of your diamond. To you, it’s the most precious thing you own and every time you look at your hand, realization that your journey to life with your partner is beginning; even more real and exciting than ever before.

You are now an engaged couple ready to begin your journey to happiness… for the second attempt, following the miserable initial visit to the embassy.

My advice to you; using the fiancé visa timeline,  create a schedule together of when and how long each step is going to take.  Upon completion of each step, remind yourselves that you are even closer to that blinding light.

You will become best friends with your mail box and you will obsessively sign into your account to view your visa status multiple times. This is ok. But be prepared for disappointment. When creating your schedule, allocate additional time for delays. Realistically, nothing ever runs dead on time. That envelope containing one piece of paper that you are waiting for in order to move to step three, it will be late.

Remember, as I previously said: persistence is key. Be patient. Be calm. Wait.  The fiancé visa could take from six months to more than twelve. Agonisingly, you both have little control over this. So just be cautious. Double check those forms. Don’t be a spaz.

This may be your final chance towards gaining a visa.  Be smart and follow the steps carefully.

So before you send those forms, I leave you with these three final questions: ‘did you really double check? Did you really proof read? Is it really worth that one mistake?’



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