So upon your failed interview at the embassy and your new ‘illegal immigrant’ status, you will endure many months of mellow and miserable skype sessions with your partner as you both try to decipher how you can convince the US embassy that you are actually the real deal.

The answer: K1 fiancé visa.

The only option left in order to emigrate to America to live with, and start your life with your long distance partner, is to commit. You are both being asked to make a lifetime commitment in order to start your lives together.

Luckily in our case, we had already lived together in Australia and spent many months over the years in each other’s family homes; living off of the money that we had left after sponging it on transatlantic flights and finding anyway possible to explore parts of the world together. We therefore already knew that living together was a huge luxury that we both shared and couldn’t live without.

The decision to become an engaged couple in order to continue our journey together in the same continent was easy.

Our mutual thought: ‘why the hell not?’

During these thoughts that light in the tunnel begins to again, flicker brighter and everything that you are dreaming for makes even more sense than it originally did.

From the moment we met, in a soggy and sweaty bar during our semesters abroad in Australia, we fell in love. Four years later, after countless hours of heartwrenching Skype conversations wishing that we could hold each other through the screen, after trillions of WhatsApp messages, emails and hundreds of pounds/dollas spent on ‘surprise mail’ … enough was enough.

If you don’t commit now, there is no future.
You make the decision to be a fiancé/wife in order to have the future you deserve with your true love. Be brave. Just remember, the commitment is what you have dreamt of and strived for since the day you met.

You are ready. Make that commitment. Start your lives. Ignore those who question your commitment. They haven’t got a clue. They haven’t said countless goodbyes to the love of their life with the agonizing pain of the unknown; when will we see each other again? They have not spent weeks of ‘mourning’ the loss of their long distance sole mate.

Honestly, you have both made it this far; What really is stopping you now?


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