So you failed miserably on your previous trek to The Embassy and left through security sobbing, tears streaming down your face (thanks Coldplay) and feeling like your heart has been impassively shredded.

In your head you are replaying the scenario.  What a fucking moron.

That women behind the screen has just stamped all over your life and your future aspirations with your partner. You are no longer allowed access into the United States of America and your treasured passport, full of happy memories of incredible journeys and places that you have travelled, now has that heart wrenching ‘DENIED ACCESS’ stamp plastered so secretly, all over it.  You are now an illegal immigrant.  You are no longer allowed into the United States of America.  Your research into the VISA applications failed, no; it collapsed into a pile of ash. I would like to reiterate; you not only left The Embassy without your ticket to happiness but you have become an ‘illegal immigrant’.  Upon entry into the United Stated you will be sectioned at customs and led straight back to the plane to board the next flight to England.

What next?

Well, as you finally end sobbing with your other half during the most miserable FaceTime you have both endured yet, unsure of how or when you’ll ever be reunited again, remember; persistence is key.

On my first blog post I stated the importance of overcoming obstacles during the VISA  journey.  I warned you that you will fail.  I warned you that you will need to get up and try again. I warned you of your light in the tunnel and how it’s ever-changing brightness will play with your heart, causing agonising ambivalence.  The depth of your love towards your partner will help you reach for that strength you need in order to persist throughout this journey.  No one ever said it would be easy.

As you sit there, continuing to reminisce the horrors of your day and unable to control your unhappiness, just think to yourself; you are one of those black sheep in life who embraces and thrives off challenge, enthralled by every obstacle in your way.  The moron that holds the power to impassively create the most negative emotion inside you that you have never felt before; What kind of sheep is she?

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