Always keep a memory box.

During the VISA process, you will be required to provide endless pieces of evidence of your relationship with your partner.  From screen prints of Skype conversations to written letters in the mail, to photographs from your first date to plane tickets of your flights and more… You will need to pass over copies of all of your personal items that are very close to your heart to someone who has absolutely no insight to your life, to ‘judge’.  All evidence will be viewed and assessed.  Dated photographs will match to dated letters, dated plane tickets and dated receipts. Keep everything.

Does your evidence portray the strength and realisation of your relationship? Does your relationship fit the criteria for success?  Do your letters, texts and emails illustrate the depth to which you love your partner?  Will your evidence support your passion for your partner? Will you collate enough evidence to prove just how significant this VISA will be towards your future happiness?

The Embassy will assess your relationship and make their decision as to whether you are ‘the perfect couple’ who are madly, deeply and truly, in love.  My advice to you; save everything you have.  The evidence that you provide is a large fraction of the process and an extremely shiny, golden ticket that will grant you access to your happy and lustful future life.

As you sit there,piecing together your evidence and wondering just how this individual will judge your relationship, remember; you have everything you need to prove your love for your partner.  You both deserve this.  You have both followed the path to happiness, searching for that light in the pit of darkness. This is just one more step within the endless schedule that you are about to conquer. However, I can’t help but think;  Who can determine whether the love between two strangers is strong enough? What if they happen to get it wrong?

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