During the heart wrenching yet exhilarating process of the VISA application, there will be a moment when you will be required to hand over your body to The Embassay, both inside and out.

Yes, a key part of the VISA schedule will include a mandatory full body check to ensure that you are not carrying any type of disease, threat or have any underlying health threat that you may carry to you desired location. You will sit in a waiting room, naked and chilly, in a floating hospital gown whilst waiting for your lung scan.  You will have to pee (cautiously ‘dribble’)  into that extremely undersized and poorly designed pot which you will ‘shamelessly’ and rather awkwardly hand over to the high heeled receptionist. And as if this experience hasn’t already been distressing enough, you will spread your legs for that unpleasant ‘peer into your vagina’.

If you are like me, everything in life is never simple. My usual thoughts – I’m obviously having a smear test, no problem, it’s life, the way of women but when that doctor resembles a good percentage of male beauty, the one you have spent twenty minuets with, discussing your medical history, the very last thing that you wish to happen is for them to be peering right into your extremely private, lady parts.

The whole situation is extremely bizarre. I recently met a girl here in Philly who, like I, emigrated to USA on a K1-Fiance VISA and during hours of conversation over wine, the ‘peer into your vagina’ conversation started and the simultaneous confusion that we shared over the situation led to eruptions of laughter. Are they checking that we are female? Are they checking for abnormalities? Are they checking for drugs? Female Mutilation? Who knows… The secretive world of The Embassy strikes again.

As you lay there, feeling the heat rising to your cheeks, remember that you are doing this for your future happiness.  Again, in order for you and your partner to begin your lives together, you will have to undergo this extreme and emotionally tiring sequence of events but remember, you are one step closer to that ray of sunshine, that bright light; happiness.  You are not alone. Just how many vaginas has that doctor peered into today?

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