Be prepared.  You will, at one point during your VISA process; FAIL.

The secretive world of The Embassy will bite you in the butt whilst breaking your heart simultaneously. Get up and fight back. You will get your VISA if you persist.  That charcoal coloured pit in the tunnel will brighten and you’ll find yourself back on your feet.  But you must be prepared for failure at some point during your journey to happiness.

If, like Tim and I, you naively enter the VISA process, unsure of your path to success.  Stop. Rethink.  Get advice.

We applied for a Travel and Tourism VISA – any VISA granting a longer, more permanent stay in America than my current ESTA, seemed perfect.  We were young and in love.  Not yet ready to commit to a lifetime together.  How could we?  We hadn’t been in the same continent for longer than 90 days, in four years.

We gave away the little cash we had saved from our combined internships and Masters Loans and in return, were granted a piece of paper and an interview at The Embassy.

Do not celebrate until you have that VISA. You will be setting yourselves up for heartbreak if you fail.

The interview date came.

Again, be prepared.  The Embassy is terrifying.  You will feel like you have broken the law and are about to be shot by a semi automatic gun, held by a policeman who is essentially protecting ‘America’.  Follow every rule.  No phones legitimately means, no phones.

Once inside the Embassy, post security, you will wait.  There will be sweaty palms and panic flowing through your body.  Will you be granted your ticket to happiness? To life? To love? If like me, everything in your life is a journey and that journey is longer than the average Joe, then the answer is; NO.

If you are denied, left to weep uncontrollably at the window, convinced that your future will consist of loneliness and misery… then you have failed.  You will have a broken heart and you will feel like your future happiness has been ripped from you like a wax strip.  But it will be OK as you will be prepared.  You will try a different route. You will not give up and your light will shine again.  It will all be worth the journey when you are one day asked; ‘How did you guys meet?’

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