just begin

If, like Tim and I, you and your partner are in the midst of a long distance relationship; longing for that flickering; close yet so far light at the end of the tunnel, my two words for you are: ‘just begin’.

There is no easy way to say this, the VISA process is dull, time consuming, money absorbing and quite frankly, really shit. But unfortunately, it is the only way that you and your partner will be blinded by the light that you have both spent time longing for and is therefore a necessity towards achieving fulfilment and happiness together.

So as you sit there, mind blown and dazzled, frantically typing into google and wishing to eventually find some sort of information beneath the depths of the secretive, shielded world of ‘The Embassay’ I would like to warn you… information is scarce. Nevertheless, google will find a faded ray of sunshine whether this be a line, a paragraph or a minimalistic schedule. My guidance to you is to treasure it. All information that you find will help you on your journey to brightness in some shape or form.

 There will be costs. You and your partner will hand over hours of hard  earnt cash in return for a stamped piece of paper.  However, do not let this discourage you.  That piece of paper and that stamp are like gold dust. They are your missing pieces of the puzzle.  They are your shimmers of light in the tunnel and as you pay your way through the VISA process, that light only becomes brighter. Believe it or not, those stamped pieces of paper will eventually lead to a completed VISA application and ultimately, entitle you and your partner to fulfilment, happiness and … life.

 Embrace the push backs. You will meet people along the way who were put there to test you, to make you reevaluate your situation, to heighten those already heightened emotions, but remember, you’ve got this. You know your end goal.  You know why you are doing this.  You know you are being truthful to yourself. You want this more than anything you have ever felt passionate about.  If you are missing that document, that signature or simply, have the wrong form, do not let that darken your tunnel.  Pick yourself up, try again. Remind yourself, at the end of this VISA process, your life will be happy. You and your partner can begin your life, your adventures, make your memories.  Where will that unempathetic women from the Embassy be?

2 thoughts on “just begin

  1. I love all of these blog posts! So great to know there are other couples trying to close the gap on their long distance journeys. Can’t wait for the next one ! 💕

    Liked by 1 person

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