K1 Fiance Visa Timeline

K1 Fiancé VISA Timeline

Several of my followers have asked for a simple timeline of events for the VISA process.
Please understand that our VISA process journey may differ slightly to yours so do not take this timeline literally but rather use it as a helpful guide.
Thanks to visajourney.com for the information!

US Petitioner  (the person filing for you to emigrate to their country)
UK Beneficiary (the person emigrating to their fiancé’s country)

US Petitioner files I-129F form

Bringing your foreign fiancé to USA.
Double check & check again before you send the package. Make sure you take a photocopy of everything and then get a postage return receipt with signature.
The USCIS will forward your package to the Service Centre to process.
2 – 3 weeks

US Petitioner mails I-129F form to USCIS Dallas Lockbox

Double check & check again before you send the package.
Make sure you take a photocopy of everything and then get a postage return receipt with signature.
The USCIS will forward your package to the Service Centre to process.
2 – 3 weeks

Notice of Action 1

US petitioner will receive NOA1 by letter.  Your application has been OPENED!
3 – 6 months 

You will need to check the processing times for your application.  They vary depending on the time of the year and the volume of applications.
There are 5 Service Centers in the USA so you will need to find out which one your package was forwarded to:  
CSC – California | NSC – Nebraska | TSC – Texas | VSC – Vermont | YSC – Potomac 

Notice of Action 2

US Petitioner will receive NOA2 by letter.  Your application has been APPROVED!

Application forwarded to the National Visa 
Center (NVC)

2 weeks after receiving your NOA2 you can contact the NVC to check that they have received your parcel. 
2 – 3 weeks

UK Beneficiary will need to start researching paperwork that they will need to collate and complete in preparation for the interview:  
Passport | Birth Certificate | I-134 Affidavit of Support | DS-160, Online Nonimmigrant Visa Application (Online Form) | ACPO Police Certificate £45  www.acro.police.uk | 2 Colour Photographs (recent) |Vaccination Records from doctor £50 |

Application forwarded to the
1 month

U.S Embassy, London receive the application and begins processing

A confirmation letter will be sent to the UK Beneficiary with a checklist of required documents.
1 – 2 weeks 

UK Beneficiary complies requires forms and sends to the U.S Embassy, London

This may vary from case to case.
Make sure you have completed the DS-160 Online Nonimmigrant Visa Application at this point. 

1 week (you determine how long this part takes)

U.S Embassy will provide you with an interview date via your
Ds-160 Online Form $260
2- 3 months depending on appointment availability 

UK Beneficiary books and attends Medical Interview at Knightsbridge Doctors, London
You need to time this 2-3 weeks from your U.S Embassy Interview Date

Collate the following forms:
Photo ID | Photographs | ACRO Police Certificate | Vaccination Records |
Medical Questionnaire
Additional vaccinations on the day will cost £40+ so make sure you ask your local doctor if your vaccinations are up to date as they are likely less expensive at your doctors surgery

Triple check everything that you are taking to the interview.  If you forget something, you will likely have to reschedule the interview and pay again. Compile all paperwork and evidence into an envelope.  Do not file everything neatly into plastic wallets in a folder.  This is pretty but not practical. You will need quick and easy access to all paperwork and employees in the Embassy will not wait for you to find things in your file.

UK Beneficiary attends U.S Embassy Interview
Arrive an hour ahead of time to get in line.
Getting inside the Embassy will take half hour. If you miss the appointment, you will have to reschedule and repay. 

Good luck!
There is nothing more that you can do now.

 Hopefully, your case has been approved! Congratulations! 

Call your US Petitioner.  Laugh, cry and enjoy hysteria!

Book plane tickets and pack your life into your suitcases. 

UK Beneficiary will receive package by recorded delivery (2 weeks)
 UK Beneficiary gives it to the Customers Officer at Point of Entry in USA
1 – 2 hours 

UK Beneficiary to visit local Social Security Administration Office for
Social Security Number SSN

You can get a SSN with the K1 fiancé Visa in your passport.
1 hour

Start browsing jobs now that you have your SSN.

US Petitioner and UK Beneficiary to apply for Marriage Certificate

The sooner the better – you only have 90 days!

Get Married!

Go back to the Social Security Administration Office to change the name on your Social Security Number

You will need to have at least two weeks left on your K1 fiancé VISA in order to do this.
1 hour

Visit the Driving License Center to get your State ID card. Take Marriage License and other required documentation with you. 

UK Petitioner to Apply for Adjustment of Status and EAD (Work Permit)

Complete forms and send.

UK Petitioner receives letter of confirmation of application for
Adjustment Of Status and EAD (Work Permit)

2 months

UK Petitioner receives Biometrics Appointment date and time

You will have your photo and finger prints taken
1 hour

UK Petitioner receives EAD
(Work Permit)

Mailed directly to your address
3 – 6 months depending on EAD demands

Whilst waiting for you Adjustment of Status, if you need to leave USA you must complete the I-131 form and pay the fee ($575) for your guaranteed re-entry into the USA.

UK Petitioner receives invitation to and attends interview for
Adjustment Of Status

If  your I-485 Application to Register Permanent Residence is approved, you will receive an I-551 stamp in your passport and then receive your Green Card in the mail.
3 – 6 months depending on processing times

UK Petitioner receives Green Card
You have 2 year permanent residency in the USA.  You will receive your ten year residency Green Card after two years of marriage.